100% Luxury Human Hair Extensions, Weaves & Wigs

Luxury Natural Wave Indian Remy Hair

Our Luxury Indian Natural Wave can be styled to fit many great looks that you desire!

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What is Remy Hair

What Is Remy Hair 100% virgin Indian Remy Hair extensions is hair that has not been chemically treated. There are no permanent/semi-permanent colors, perms, or relaxers used to...

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Free Shipping

Qualifications for free shipping include placed orders which exceed $200. All orders below $200 will include our standard shipping rates unless stated otherwise.

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Luxury Indian Remy Straight


For a sleek look that will stand out on its own, we recommend our Virgin Luxury Indian Straight. Non processed hair, 100% Human Hair.

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Luxury Natural Wave Indian Remy Hair

The natural wave texture has a natural and elegant bounce that exhibits volume and robustness. This is highly recommended if you would like to achieve a straight or wavy look.

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Le’Host Product Of The Month

Le’Host Essential Oil penetrates deeply into your scalp nourishing the hair follicle.

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S. Hill

I really enjoyed my visit to Le’Host Hair Salon.  It was actually one of the most beautiful, elegant and professional salons I’ve ever visited in my life.  The staff was extremely courteous and hospitable.  Their customer service has a ranking on a scale all by itself….

B. Jackson

I absolutely love this hair, I will never go anywhere else to purchase hair.  I will always be a Le’Host fan.  Thanks.


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M. Jackson

My visit at Le’Host was so rewarding from the time I walked through the door.  The receptionist to my stylist and even the complimentary hand massage I received.

Thank you Le’Host for a courteous, personal and rewarding salon experience.

J. Stevens

My Experience at Le’Host Salon was awesome. Haith was exactly what I needed. I’ve been having hair issues for a few years- Due to a thyroid disease and female pattern hair loss. I was so tired of camouflaging my hairstyles. My hairstylist Brenton is the best, I truely love and care about him, but losing your hair, but losing your hair and being a woman losing your hair is a hard pill to swallow. Haith felt my pain totally. She explained the complete hair weaving process, and asked me to trust her. I did and she was 100% correct. I’ve been overjoyed ever since. I would like to thank Rachael the receptionist at Le’Host who set up with the consultation with Haith for me and actually went beyond her job description for me. Thank you Rachael. The entire staff @ Le’Host are very friendly and encouraging.
God Bless :)

B. Wheeler

I am so excited about my unit!  The whole experience was amazing.  The whole staff was very warm & welcoming, my unit is super fabulous.  I will definitely return and tell everyone I know to come.

T. Wartley

I had such a great experience today during my visit at Le’Host. I invested in a new wig, but wasn’t really sure about the style after I was told how much it would cost to get styled, I said I’ll take the “sucker” home and cut it myself. The owner heard me and graciously took me to the wig room and said she would cut and style it for me at the cost of the wig. She was really nice, helpful, friendly, and did a great job with styling the wig for me.

T. Hill

I’ve worn hair weaves off and on for years, and hands down the Indian Remy Hair I purchased from Le’Host is the best hair I have ever worn.  Thank you Le’Host for the best.

M. Nelms

The quality of hair at Le’Host is the best, compared to other hair I’ve tried.  No more hair on the bathroom floor!  Thanks Le’Host.

F. Wilson

I purchased the natural wave indian hair.  I am very pleased with the hair.  It’s very manageable, shiny, and blends well with my natural hair.  Easy to style and throw in a pony tail.  I would definitely recommend their hair to my friends and family.

C. Jackson

I have been wearing hair weaves for many years and by far I have purchased the best hair from Le’Host the Hair Group.  The Indian Remy Hair has always been the best 100% human hair that I encountered.  The quality of the hair has taken my look to another level.  I will never purchase hair from any other company than Le’Host The Hair Group.

E. Savage

7 years and counting!  I started purchasing Le’Host hair in 2006, and since then it is the only hair I buy.  Believe their advertisements…  The hair is the best quality and it LASTS. Since my initial investment, now I basically accessorize my extensions and rotate different lengths, colors and patterns. I have hair that I have rotated in and out of my hair for years, with no problems.  Don’t let the price tag discourage you from the value of this hair.  If you take care of your hair, it definitely better than anything you will find in a beauty supply store.

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