Cool Clenz Moisturizer


Cool Clenz Moisturizer

Cool Clenz Moisturizer quenches the thirst of moisture-starved hair infusing the hair with natural botanicals, humectants and reconstructing proteins. This lightweight conditioner restores the hair’s essential moisture balance, then locks it in. Dry or chemically damaged hair is transformed into vibrant, voluminous healthy hair. Wheat protein is added to strengthen the hair, while extracts of chamomile, cucumber, and aloe vera soothe and moisturize, Nettle and menthol stimulates and revitalizes the hair and scalp. Safe for everyday use.


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Why you need Cool Clenz Moisturizer

Moisturizing Tips for Curly Dry Hair

Curly hair tends to be drier than many other types for a very simple, it’s because of its twisty shape, it takes longer for oil from the scalp to make its way along the length of the hair strand.  Therefore, curly hair needs lots of moisture—more than most other types of hair! 

Moisturizing Tips for Thick, Coarse Dry Hair

Like curly hair, the basic structure of thick course hair often leads to dryness.  The volume and shape make it difficult for this hair type to be moisturized by our scalp’s natural oils. Women with thick, coarse, dry hair often turn to flat iron or relaxers to control their hair texture, which can also increasingly cause dry hair.

  • The more moisture for thick, coarse dry hair, the better.  So use Le’Host Cool Clenz Moisturizer, and follow it up with a Unlock leave-in conditioner before styling.

Moisturizing Tips for Fine Dry Hair

Fine hair can also become dry, and when it does, the rule is to moisturize with care to avoid weighing down thin strands. Fine hair is usually driest on the ends, so focus Cool Clenz moisturizer application on the dry areas and skip the roots to avoid weighing them down or causing them to become oily.

Moisturizing Tips for Mature Dry Hair

With age, hormones shift, metabolisms slow down and many women experience hair that becomes thinner and also dryer. It often becomes more coarse and wiry, which can also be perceived as dry hair. What’s best is to deep condition dry hair overnight.



Try the cleaning clarifier, they both work well together

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