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Cool Clenz Clarifier


Cool Clenz is a specialized shampoo formulated to deliver the benefits of deep cleansing from peppermint extracts with added natural healing properties derived from tea tree oil. The scalp is conditioned and stimulated by the natural healing effects of tea tree oil.

Curl Revive


Curl Revive helps activate and revitalize curls. It smoothes frizz without weighing your hair down. It gives body, bounce, and movement to the hair while keeping hair shiny. This product is excellent on fine hair and has a special ingredient that gives high style durability.

Le’Host Essential Oil


Le’Host Essential Oil penetrates deeply into your scalp, nourishing the hair follicle and stimulating growth, also giving hair a shinier and healthier look while softening your hair.

Silk Serum


Silk Serum is a light finishing product to protect and maintain hair by smoothing the cuticle and polishing the hair for a gloss-like shine, relieves the frizz and eliminates static electricity.  This alcohol free serum will not add build-up or weigh the hair down.

Spray Laminate


Crystal Spray Laminate is an instant shine that gives your hair the appearance of glass. This unique laminate smooths frizzy or dry ends and dries clear with a brilliant sheen. This spray eliminates static, protects hair color integrity (from environmental factors), and can be used on either wet or dry hair.

Unlock Hair Detangler


Unlock Hair detangler is a hair conditioner that smooths your hair by coating the cuticle with a water base formula so that the hair’s surface tightens up, smoothing the scales on the hair’s outer surface or cuticle.

*Detangles and conditions medium to coarse hair.

*Smoothes, softens and prevents moisture loss.

*Guards vulnerable strands against sun damage.