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Healthy Edge Smoother

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Lays down your natural hair along the hairline to give edges a silky-smooth touchable texture. It is Non-Greasy, Flake-Free and Colorless. It also provides a soft touchable hold while nourishing edges. With Jojoba Oil, it will moisturize, thicken, strengthen and rapidly increase hair growth.


Protect and Shine


Protect & Shine Laminate is an instant shine that gives your hair the appearance of glass. This unique laminate smooths frizzy or dry ends and dries clear with a brilliant sheen. This spray eliminates static, protects hair color integrity (from environmental factors), and can be used on either wet or dry hair.

Wrap & Set Foaming Lotion

Wrap-it & Set-it Foaming Lotion is a highly advanced conditioning formula specifically designed for Wraps, Wet Sets, Curls, Braids and Natural
Styling. Can be used in the design of moist and dry hair. Super Glossy, Natural Shine, never difficult, simple comb-out, fast-drying, long-lasting, non-flaking. Leaves all hair textures soft, bouncy and feeling fabulous.